NLB Crawler System
NLB Crawler System

For big vertical jobs, like 100-foot storage tanks and ships hulls, more and more contractors are moving up to the NLB SRT-10-W-1 Crawler. While personnel stay safely on the ground, it crawls up, down and sideways - directed from wireless controls - while rotating SPIN JET nozzles do all the work.

The Crawler uses a vacuum system to grip the surface and to recover waste-water and debris, minimising clean-up. A winch skid assembly with locking pulleys allows an operator to position the unit and also servers as a fall arrest system.

The SRT-10-W-1 Crawler can be used horizontally as well as vertically. it cleans over welds and plates as thick as 1/2" (12.7mm).

Water Jet Vs Grit

When you consider all the factors, NLB's HydroPrep system consistently outperforms grit blasting. In addition to achieving a quality surface, water jetting:

  • significantly simplifies clean-up and disposal
  • minimises operating and maintenance costs
  • can be performed nearly anywhere
  • drastically reduces airborne pollutants
  • removes invisible contaminants (e.g. entrapped chlorides)
  • is virtually dust-free, so won't damage nearby equipment
  • operates at lower sound levels
  • uses minimal water
  • requires minimal training.

Project Equipment

All the equipment you require for a successful 'Crawler' project is now available for rent or purchase from a Blast-One depot near you!


Wall Crawler Setup Diagram

Other Equipment for UHP Waterjet Projects

Rotating Hand Lance
Rotating Hand Lance

For Spot and touch up work.

SRT-6LT Captive/Vacuum Hand Held System
SRT-6LT Hand Held System

The SRT-6LT Captive/Vacuum hand held system is ...

Vortex SpinJet Vacuum
Vortex SpinJet Vacuum 'Mower'

For the tank floor or decking areas.