Why use UHP for surface preparation?
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Why use UHP surface preparation?


Unlike the atmosphere created by traditional abrasive blasting, UHP water jetting is dustless, minimizes waste by not using any abrasive and allows other activities to continue nearby while coating removal is in progress. 


Using and Ultra High Pressure (UHP) water is now being used for surface preparation in many applications.


Instead of trapping contaminants in the surface profile, UHP water jetting actually removes soluble salts and contaminants from the bottom of the valleys. Surfaces prepared with UHP exhibit less folding and flattening and feature a texture of sharp peaks generated by previous abrasive blasting which is conducive to bonding.







New Visual Surface Standards

A UHP water jetted surface doesn’t look like an equally prepared abrasive blasted surface. UHP does not remove metal or ‘shine’ the surface and will not produce a surface profile but rather clean out the existing profile.
New visual standards have been prepared by SSPC/NACE to demonstrate acceptable levels of cleanliness.