Floor Cleaners
Nothing removes coatings from floors quite like a SpinJet.

BlastJet’s patented SpinJet rotating jet system has long been one of the water jet industry’s most effective coating removal tools.

The SpinJet floor and grate cleaners (manoeuvred like lawn mowers) were originally designed to remove overspray from paint booth grates. Today they are also widely used for removing floor and ship deck coatings, highway stripes, runway rubber, and more…and even for concrete scarification. Operating at 40,000 psi (2,800 bar), the SpinJet is user friendly and very efficient.

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SpinJet Floor & Grate Cleaner


SpinJet Floor and Grate Cleaner

  • Consistent speed even at low flows
  • Maintains superior finish quality
  • Leaves a clean and dry surface
  • Ideal with lower horsepower pumps
  • Reduces labour, operating costs and energy use
  • Several ergonomic models available featuring a range of pressures, flows and cleaning path widths
  • Standard features include a dump valve that instantly reduces water pressure to near-zero, and guards over moving components, hose and quick disconnects
  • Rotary seal and dump valve repair kits are available
  • Options include 4-arm and 6-arm configurations and pneumatic or hard rubber tyres
  • Vacuum recovery is available on some models.
SpinJet Cleaner
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SpinJet Cleaner Brochure
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