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The BlastJet Water Crawler takes surface preparation to new heights.

The UltraBlast™ Surface Preparation System from BlastJet is commonly used for removing stubborn layers of thick paints, epoxies, etc. It is also effective at removing scale and other tough protective coatings.

To achieve a clean finish on steel or concrete, as per standards NACE, SSPC and ISO, use a powerful BlastJet High Pressure water jet pump unit featuring automated or semi-automated accessories. With the right equipment you can produce metal and concrete surfaces free of damage and ready for coating.

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WaterJet Wall Crawler


SRT-10-W Crawler

  • All the commands are remotely controlled by a single operator on the ground.
  • A vacuum system is used which incorporates a recovery system to separate the waste water and debris which minimises waste disposal.
  • A winch skid assembly and locking pulleys act as a support and fall arrest system and allows the single operator to quickly position the crawler on steep surfaces.
  • The entire system is operated from a wireless remote control console, allowing the operator to optimise the view of the work area and evaluate the ongoing progress.
  • The crawler can manoeuvre horizontally, vertically and even upside-down!
  • It will easily clean over welds and plates protruding up to ½” (12.7mm).
SRT-10 Crawler
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The BlastJet VertaJet is perfect for those
“in-between” jobs.

For “in-between” vertical surfaces (too large for manual water jetting but too small for a Crawler), the BlastJet VertaJet SRT-6 is ideal. This lightweight, hand-held system works fast and collects debris.

The SRT-6 operates at 40,000 psi (2,800 bar) and has adjustable rotation speed – ideal for soft substrates, like concrete – and a counterbalancing system to take the weight to minimise operator fatigue.

SRT-6 VertaJet


SRT-6 VertaJet

  • Vacuum recovery capability leaves a clean and dry surface
  • Counterbalanced to minimise operator fatigue
  • 6” (150mm) cleaning path for high productivity rates
  • Uses BlastJet’s exclusive BARJET™ and Bi-Mode™ valve technology
  • The LT model weighs just 9 kg (20 lbs), and requires no air supply
  • Ideal for removing coatings from steel substrates
  • Features ergonomic handles and dual-trigger operation to activate pressure.
SRT-6 VertaJet

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