Steel Cutting
Make light work of cutting steel and concrete with rebar.

With a BlastJet Abrasive Cutting System, you can slice through concrete with rebar, cut inspection openings in petrochemical tanks, and cut up composites and many other hard materials (including 6” plate steel).

You don’t have to worry about using open flame oxy-acetylene cutting and the burrs it leaves behind.

An automated BlastJet system includes a self-focusing cutting head (24,000 or 40,000 psi, 1,680 or 2,800 bar) pipe cutter or track crawler and hydraulic or pneumatic power unit with control stand. A hopper with metering discs to feed the abrasive is also required.


Steel Cutting

  • Adjustable nozzle angles to suit many applications
  • Speed is adjustable from 0.5” to 18” (12mm to 460mm) per minute
  • Vertical or horizontal cuts – complete versatility
  • Cuts round or flat materials
  • Hydraulic or air drive
  • Simple design provides fast set-up and high production.
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