Lances & Bi-Modes
Increase the effects of Ultra High Pressure with a Rotating Lance.

Maximise ultra-high pressure water jetting performance by using a wider spray pattern, with a rotating lance featuring our specially-designed multi-orifice heads.

The UHP rotating lances feature an air-driven motor that drives the nozzle assembly. A Bi-Mode™ valve and a composite hose assembly is required.

Bi-Mode™ valves let multiple operators run lances from a single pump unit.

UHP Rotating Lance


Rotating Lances

  • Variable speed rotation, up to 3,000 rpm for consistant high production
  • Wide range of rotating heads available for different applications, including stripping I-Beams, H-Beams and inside corners
  • Field-repairable for fast maintenance
  • Dual-trigger actuation for operator protection
  • Instant dump to low pressure when trigger is released
  • Lightweight, ergonomic design – 7.3kg
  • 30% higher production rate than other units on the market.
UHP Rotating Lance
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Bi-Mode Valves

  • Allows the dumping of high pressure water and the use of multiple guns
  • Can significantly improve UHP system productivity
  • Uses the same quick change cartridge valve as the lances and foot controls
  • Used in conjunction with a rotating lance
  • Rapid 60 second cartridge replacement
  • Switch from 1-lance to 2-lance operation with a simple nozzle change
  • Lightweight aluminium robust frame for easier carrying
  • A composite hose assembly is required to connect a rotating lance to a Bi-Mode valve.
Bi-Mode Valve
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Rotating Lance & Bi-Mode Brochure
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A comprehensive range of Waterjet Lances and Foot Controls.

Blast-One’s range of water jet lances and foot controls are designed for maximum operator protection and productivity. A patented trigger lets the operator dump pressure immediately by simply pushing forward on the trigger or pedal.

It can be operated with a very light trigger-pull, and a one-finger latch prevents accidental actuation.

UHP Rotating Lance trigger


Lances & Foot Controls

  • The unique quick-change cartridge can be replaced in the field, in less than 60 seconds
  • Quick-Change feature is available with all lances and foot controls that have operating pressures as low as 10,000 psi (700 bar) and as high as 40,000 psi (2,800 bar)
  • A choice of barrels suited for many applications.
UHP Hand lance & foot controls
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Hand Lances & Foot Controls Brochure
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