Vacuum Systems
Forget the mess with a BlastJet Vacuum System.

Utilising a vacuum system can revolutionise what has ordinarily been a messy job. Many of the tools offered by BlastJet have a vacuum attachment accessory and by including a vacuum system to your project, all the waste water, sludge, mud, dust is totally contained and captured for easy disposal or recycling – an environmentally responsible approach which also enhances your safety and productivity.

Vacuum systems can be diesel, electric or pneumatically powered, providing you with huge flexibility on site or in plant applications.


BlastJet Vacuum Systems

  • Sucks up spent used abrasives and collects it at a central point ready for recycling or disposal
  • Electric System – if you have power on hand, it is convenient not to worry about running diesel engines
  • Diesel System – on a remote site, diesel powered units are often used
  • Pneumatic System – already got an air compressor? Use the air powered vacuum system to create a powerful vacuum for your project.
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