Road and Pavement Line Removal
The cutting edge in the removal of pavement markings.

BlastJet has pioneered the removal of pavement markings with ultra-high pressure water jets. There are two mobile systems, both with rotating SpinJet assemblies mounted on a vehicle, connected to a water tank and Blast-One pump unit. The StarJet does high-volume removal (like highways and runways), while the compact StripeJet is ideal for car parks and intersections.

The StarJet system has all components – patented nozzle assembly, UHP pump unit, water tank, and optional vacuum recovery – on a heavy-duty truck. It can remove up to 7,000 feet of markings per hour (2,134 metres per hour). The operating controls are conveniently located in the cab.

The StripeJet is very manoeuvrable, with a tight turning radius and smooth, consistent speed in forward or reverse. Five heads are available for each system, for cleaning paths from 8” to 24” (200 to 610mm). Vacuum recovery is optional.

Removal road line markings


StarJet Road Line Removal

  • Vacuum recovery leaves a clean and dry surface
  • Articulated robotic arm with proportional controls
  • Semi-automated controls for skip line removal
  • In-cab video with 3 cameras (2 front, 1 rear)
  • Dedicated horsepower for each component to maximise productivity
  • 3 waste/debris handling options
  • Options: optical line tracking, GPS with weather forecasting, remote internet with email & webcam capabilities.
StartJet Road Line Removal
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StripeJet Road Line Removal

  • Removes coatings, membranes, thermal plastic, epoxy, rubber build-up, and more
  • Complete removal, even from grooved pavement
  • Can remove bleeding/rising tar
  • Creates a stronger bond for restriping
  • Eliminates dust and debris, with optional vacuum recovery
  • Very fast return on investment
  • Saves labour with less operators and high productivity
  • No exposure (people or environment) to abrasive media or chemicals.
StripeJet Road Line Removal
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