Clean large, flat areas quickly & easily


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How to clean large, flat areas quickly and easily
Waterblasting Ship

Using and Ultra High Pressure water and vacuum system, the SRT-10 Crawler efficiantly cleans flat surfaces with vigour! Operated from a remote operator console, it can move up, down and sideways while the patented SPIN JET® nozzles strip away epoxies and other coatings with ease.

The SRT-10 Crawler’s manoeuvrability is provided by its unique pivoting design which allows the drive to rotate around the SPIN JET® seal without entangling the hoses.

Yes, and the vacuum system allows the SRT-10 Crawler to grip the surface (even over welds) as well as recover debris and waste water. A winch skid assembly and locking pulleys act as a fall arrest system and allows the operator to quickly position the SRT-10 Crawler on steep vertical surfaces.

The system is driven and steered by pneumatically powered wheels, not the cable arrangement.

The entire system is operated from a portable control console, allowing the operator the best location to view the work area and evaluate the ongoing progress.

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WaterJet Wall Crawler