What can you do with 40,000 psi?
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What can you do with 40,000 psi?



UHP Water Jetting can be used for many surface preparation projects. UHP will effectively and quickly remove well-bonded coatings, paints and deposits from all surfaces without using any abrasive.


   WaterJet removing paint
This operator is using a 3,000rpm rotating nozzle at 36,000psi.



 WaterJet Result 
Removing 1ft² of coating from an aluminum vessel in
 just 24 secs. That’s 14m²/hr (150ft²/hr)!



Ultra High Pressure (UHP) Water Jetting  can be used for many surface preparation projects. UHP will effectively and quickly remove tightly adherent coatings, paints and deposits from all surfaces without using any abrasive. In many cases, cleaning speed is comparable to that of abrasive blasting. Situations especially suited to UHP 40,000psi are coating removal applications such as paint stripping in shipyards, offshore oil rigs, weld inspection and numerous plant maintenance functions like removal of coatings on floors and blasting of paint from machinesUHP does not produce a profile, rather it cleans out an existing underlying previously blasted profile. Opportunities exist wherever abrasive blasting equipment is currently in use. UHP water jetting can produce a ‘white metal’ finish economically without the environmental and health hazards normally associated with traditional blasting methods.


Contractor Possibilities with water
Blast-One™ will help you choose the right equipment for your job. The applications for water cleaning are ever expanding and you need a system to increase profits.
With the right system and accessories you can blast off paint, wet sand blast, clean floors and grates, cut slag out of drain lines, remove deposits from pipes and tank interiors, cut steel plates, remove concrete and do hundreds of other jobs quickly and profitably. Blast-One™ can offer you a wide range of pump units and accessories, as well as the training and after sales service support that are so critical to your success.

WaterJet removal system

Blast-One™ makes water work!
For the toughest industrial and commercial cleaning problem, a high pressure water jetting system from Blast-One™ is the answer. You can harness the power of the water to provide an efficient, cost effective, cleaning tool. Whatever the build-up – rust and scale, resins, chemical residues, paints and epoxies, a Blast-One™ Waterblaster system cuts right through, spray rinses it away and leaves a clean smooth surface. It’s faster than normal cleaning. No chemicals, solvents, caustics or abrasives are needed (or the expensive safety and disposal procedures that go with them).


Heavy Duty Pumps Deliver up to 40,000psi (2800 Bar)
The heart of any waterblast system is the high-pressure pump. With a range of models to choose from – both triplex and quintriplex designs – we can deliver pressures from 2000 to 40,000psi (140 - 2800 Bar). Blast-One™ pumps can be electrically or diesel powered and mounted on skids or trailers to go where you need them. Blast-One™ UHP latest technology pump systems incorporate a conversion kit which allows you to convert a 10,000psi pump to 24,000psi in just 20 minutes.


 BlastJet weld inspection cleaning


Weld inspection can be safely done with UHP water.